What our clients say….

Michele has been extremely beneficial to our business. As a boutique winery it if difficult to find the time to develop relationships through social media and on line marketing. Keeping our clients updated with wine specials and unique events is an area we knew needed attention. Michele has over doubled our reach through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, created monthly campaigns through digital newsletters resulting in successful campaigns. We have seen a higher level of engagement resulting in additional revenue we previously missed out on

Juan Corradi

Southern Highlands Winery

Michele is that wonderful mix of extremely efficient at any given task, but also an extreme joy to work with. She brings enthusiasm into everything she does, and is fantastic at recognising what clients need and making recommendations to them. There’s never a dull moment in agency life, but Michele handles multiple deadlines and tasks like a pro and always stays level-headed and one step ahead
Maddi Kiber

Over the course of 8 session Michele has taught me tools to make marketing for business and absolute breeze. She is the queen of social media and has shared all of her tools and tips to help us engage with our fan base and strengthen the bond we share with our clients. Michele has helped me to cut the time I spend weekly on marketing in half, and double the outcome! Couldn’t recommend her enough!

April Maney

Ive been so impressed with Michele’s expertise in Social Media and Online Marketing, that this year I asked her to present at one of my workshops in Sydney. Michele spoke about social media and its potential impact for the veterinary practice, and the feedback afterwards was fantastic! I highly recommend Michele for any business looking to raise their online profile through social media marketing, email campaigns, websites, and consulting services
Diederik Gelderman

Michele really knows her stuff. If you want your social media presence to count, you really need to talk to her. She has helped me to grow my business more than I ever thought. Michele has a magic bag full of tricks – get on it now!! 😀

Min Giannini