About us

Hi I’m Michele is the CEO and founder of The Social Mish Mash.

Driven by a passion to help business owners make informed choices about their online marketing, I am passionate about finding new ways to use technology tools to build a business.

Having worked with various small businesses since 2005 (including my own), I discovered my passion for social media and found I couldn’t stop myself when it came to learning about the many and varied ways social media could help small business market and compete with the ‘big guns’.

I am a social media consultant, educator, coach and public speaker and am passionate about educating small businesses on how to use the power of social media, share their stories, develop communities, promote their products/services, and ultimately grow their business and achieve success!

With the perfect balance of strategy, “how-to” and best practice, my clients have all the tools necessary to develop and maintain an effective online presence through either online DIY programs, one-on-one training, and workshops.

With a thirst for knowledge and a desire to teach, some would describe me as “a fun and entertaining public speaker, engaging audiences with my knowledge, experience, and stories”

My background includes over 15 years in the fields of marketing and Internet technology.

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Michele xo